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Sapphire V1 9H Ceramic Coating 

Proprietary Formula, 2019 SEMA award winner, ASTM tested, developed originally for aviation. One Application process, Industry Best Warranty. Car Fax approved coating. Sapphire V1 provides the very best in exterior paint protection.

Sapphire V1 Si02 Ceramic Spray Coating 

Spray on and wipe off for incredible glossy shine and protection, eliminates waxing, super hydrophobic water beading, protection for up to 6 months

Solo One Step Polish

Solo easily removes oxidization, micro scratches, embedded dirt and stains to revitalize the painted surface. Solo saves time and money by combining the power of multiple buffing and polishing compounds into one easy to use product. Solo creates 70% less dust than other buffing compounds for easy clean-up.

Proprietary formula, like its big brother Sapphire V1, originally designed for aviation industry, FlightShield' s line of Polymer coatings provide incredible protection for various paint types, aviation, marine and great for automobiles. comes with a 3 year warranty. single application process, and Car Fax approved coating.

Reactive Polymer 5B Coating

Proprietary formula, like its big brother Sapphire V1, originally designed for outdoor equipment, all terrain vehicles, and more, Great for Autos and marine vessels, allowing a cost friendly protective coating that last 2-3 years. No loss of gloss, highly hydrophobic, protection against bird droppings, bugs, sap and tar. 

Terra Shield Ceramic Coating

Sapphire V1 Panel Prep 

Proprietary formula, primary product when panel prepping for a ceramic coating application. Removes all oils and left over compounds and polishes from paint surface. Also used as a waterless wash for auto, aviation and more. Can be diluted to an 80/20 to make an incredible streak free  glass cleaner.

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